Over the Moon

Photo by Lisa Kohler


Some call them the world’s reigning male chorus. Others, an orchestra of voices. They simply prefer their given name: Chanticleer. Considering their name is taken from the “clear, singing” rooster in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, it’s no wonder that Chanticleer got its start performing renditions of traditional Medieval and Renaissance pieces. True to tradition—arrangements were only sung by men in the Renaissance church—the group was formed as an ensemble of male voices ranging from countertenor to soprano. Since its founding, however, the group has expanded its repertoire to include more contemporary genres such as jazz and gospel. When Chanticleer takes the stage at the Lied Center on Feb. 25, they’ll be performing their Over the Moon program, which combines the old and new for a night of lunar-themed mystery and enchantment. The program features a selection of classical pieces and pop songs, including Three Moon Songs, which was written specially for the ensemble by international composer Nico Muhly.  jccc.edu/performing-arts-series