Jump into Architecture

Architecture is all around us. From a cityscape to something as menial as the floors and walls, architecture pervades our everyday life, whether we realize it or not.

This summer, better your understanding of architecture and explore it hands-on in The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s Jump In! Architecture Workshop. Explore architectural concepts through interactive modules, touch-screen maps, tactile walls, a card game and even 2,000 building blocks. Discover five approaches to architectural thought—landscape, community, building type, style and material—then design your own structure.

Interested in a more in-depth look? Join architect Steven Ehrlich on May 7 as he discusses multicultural modernism, a design approach that melds age-old tradition with modern forms and methods. Ehrlich’s talk will explore in particular how architecture can solve contemporary issues of culture, climate and place.


Jump In! Architecture Workshop will be open through July 19. nelson-atkins.org